You, the executive sponsor, are ready to move into the fast lane and start implementing an RPO. You’ve selected a partner. Your team is prepped and ready. Now, it’s race day and you’re about to start implementation.The pressure is on to ensure the program exceeds expectations and is embraced at all levels. Certainty of execution is top of mind for all.

As you move forward, there are seven things you must do to help you deliver on your promise of a better way to recruit retail talent. So, shift gears and move into the fast lane but – first – download our free “Recruitment Process Outsourcing Playbook for Retailers & E-Commerce Businesses  – The Definitive Guide to a Successful RPO Implementation”. It’s geared to retailers and e-commerce leaders who are looking to RPO to increase speed, quality and scale of hires.

Jason Krumwiede

About the Author

Jason brings twenty years of leadership, business development, consulting and management experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Capital services.

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