“Reformulate” means to develop further, or again, based on “an improved theory or hypothesis. The operative word is “improve”.  

That’s exactly why we’ve launched FlexSEARCH, our reformulated executive search solution. The market is demanding more flexibility, increased transparency and greater value so, in direct response, we now offer search services from an à la carte menu with flexible pricing terms. Simply put, it’s all about enabling clients to find, attract and engage the right senior-level talent in the way that works best for them.

What is it?
Our FlexSEARCH offering — a menu of strategic services for retained executive search engagements — allows clients to buy our candidate identification expertise; search methodology, tools and insights; and leadership consultation either as a whole, or as components on flexible terms with predictable pricing. This enables businesses to find, attract and engage C-suite, director, and senior manager positions in the most efficient and effective way possible. “Flexibility, above all else, reigns supreme”, as a recent Hunt-Scanlon review describes our approach.

How Does It Work? How the components are structured and delivered – either in whole or in parts – is up to the client. The FlexSEARCH service continuum includes:

Research and Candidate Development – This service, billed on a fixed-fee basis, is designed for clients who prefer to execute senior-level recruiting internally, yet require our research, intelligence and name generation capabilities and candidate development expertise. Deliverables include comprehensive market research, name identification and development of a shortlist/slate of candidates. It is typically delivered within 45 days.

Talent Attraction and Assessment – A retained search service employing a targeted recruiting approach for senior-level executives aimed at high-caliber, hard-to-attract candidates for positions within the client’s organization on fixed pricing spread across three equal payments. That fee is based on an agreed percentage of total first-year compensation and is dependent on the complexity of the search. This component also includes professional coaching, described below.

Leader Assimilation Process – One-on-one professional coaching and consultation to mitigate risks associated with senior-level hires within their first 100 days. This comprehensive coaching program shortens start-up time, accelerates learning and improves productivity for new executives during those crucial first weeks and months after accepting a new position. Link here for more information.

How Do Clients Benefit?  
To answer that, think of the ways that a non-traditional approach to search may be the best solution to a non-traditional situation.  For example, an organization in hyper-growth mode may need to fill a whole slate of roles at the top of the house in a short time frame.

That was the case with our client, a retail and manufacturing business being spun off from a 150-year old parent company. In addition to building a talent management, HR function and all associated processes from the ground up, the company also needed to hire leaders for production environments, corporate roles, sales positions as well as techs and scientists for their labs, not to mention staff for their retail centers. Just about every type of position required a different sourcing approach and the volume far exceeded the capacity of the internal recruitment team. This was exacerbated by the split which made building the corporate functions –  finance, legal, HR and so on – a priority.

In this case, TalentRISE handled research and candidate development to source qualified candidates as we worked strategically with the in-house talent acquisition team to make the process seamless for the hiring managers. In a short period of time, TalentRISE identified 10 executive level candidates, of which 6 were interviewed, resulting in four high-caliber hires to date.  Our client saved approximately $10K versus estimated contingency search fees. Additionally, we identified and submitted to the client nearly 300 prospects for future positions.

That’s just one example of many in which our “new and improved” reformulated executive search offering solved a client problem in an innovative fashion, saving time and dollars along the way…definitively proving that there’s always room for improvement!  Read more about FlexSearch here.

J. James O’Malley

About the Author

Jim has spent 25 years on both ends of the table, developing HR and talent solutions to align leadership, talent, and business needs.